Rappers and Wine – how the wine industry has gotten some unlikely friends

Wine industry has a passion for rappers and hip hop artists. The relationship works both ways.

Terroir is the connection between wine and the place where it is grown. Wine professionals sometimes compare Terroir with regional hi-hop scenes.

A person knowledgeable about wines can know where the wine is from by tasting it. Similarly just by listening to a hip hop number, one can make a guess as to whether the hip hop artist is from Inglewood, Virginia Beach or Queens.

The ways in which wine bottles and hip hop numbers and artists relate to their place of origin is not just physical, it is abstract as well.

Wine and hip hop nowadays come by as inseparable. We nowadays come across branding companies that host wine and hip hop events, both live and for charity. One such company has been founded by Jermaine Stone who once used to be a rap artist. He is now a wine connoisseur. 

Stone has expressed that in the years that follow, the numbers of hip hop wine products will be on a rise.

In a Spotify’s analysis of 20 billion tracks in 2015, they came to realize that across the world, hip hop is the most preferred and listened-to genre of music. It works beyond the boundaries of language and geography.

19 songs were streamed over 500 million times in the U.S. in 2017. 17 of these tracks were hip hop.

There is also a trend of emulation across communities and ethnicities. This has been expressed by the author Michael Eric Dyson in his book, “Know What I Mean? Reflections on Hip Hop”

With the grand economic and cross-cultural success that hip hop enjoys, it is only natural that marketers avail the genre of music to market their products. As an example in September 2018, Puma asked Jay-Z to launch its first basketball shoe in 20 years. Jay-Z is now deeply involved with Puma’s marketing ventures. This has paid rich dividends for the brand. They had the best quarter in early 2019.

 As an artist, ever since 1996, Jay-Z has come up with nice metaphors between wine tasting and cool street life. He is the world’s top hip hop wine connoisseur.

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