Are Italian wines really the best or is it just good branding?

There is this thing about Italian wines that keep consumers delighted and keeps them coming back for more. But from a neutral viewpoint, one sometimes considers if Italian wines are worth it. If they are not, then how is it that they manage to succeed time and again, draw revenues and stay in consumers’ preferred lists?

The thing about Italian wines quintessentially is that they make categories that actually manage to fill in the market gaps. Another advantage with consuming Italian wines is that they offer resources for consumers who shop at each unique price point.

Development of corporate brands comes by as a secondary task for Italian wines in general.

Nevertheless, when we pay a closer heed to the stats, we come to figure out that Italy happens to be the topmost wine producer across the world. They produce maximum wine in the world, and export maximum quantities as well.

In spite of that, none of the Italian wine brands are listed among the top 20 global wine brands. Nevertheless in the individual markets, a few Italian brands frequently make it to the top 10.

The very structure of the Italian wine market is different, and has some differences from the way wine is produced across the rest of the world. It does not focus towards creating a power brand.

Diversity prevails in the Italian wine making culture. It prevails in vineyards and operations for winemaking alike. A reason why Italy has across the years not been able to produce a globally competitive wine brand may be shortage of marketing resources. They are lagging in the kind of investment, marketing and awareness needed to create a globally successful wine brand. 

Local consumption of wine in Italy is high. The large domestic market easily makes room for the significant amount of wine produced in Italy. Manufacturers find this to be a lucrative avenue, and may not be focused deeply over the international market. Italian wine production has overall not shown much support towards creating brands.

In Italy, categories and regions are used as brands, in terms of wine. They hence come across as the true winery brands of Italy.

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